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Mission Statement

Our intention with Bloom is to prepare flavorful, affordable plant-based cuisine for all to enjoy—regardless of your dietary preferences or needs. This way, we can all do our part to create a happier and healthier you, and an environment that is greener for everyone. 

The Green Initiative

Our goal is to lessen our environmental impact as much as possible. We grow our microgreens in-house, only use clean energy through Phoenix Energy and are in the process of installing a micro-turbine of our own. In addition to providing an entirely plant-based menu, we partner with organizations like ORCA, a bio-digester to compost food waste, and Green Grease for recycling our oil. 

The Environmental Fee

Unfortunately, being good to the earth comes with a cost. That is why there is an environmental fee on your check. We want to encourage change in the industry and make it a standard for restaurants to think about their impact to our environment. With your support, we can start to encourage other businesses to make a greener Chicago.