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Mission Statement

As creators of Amaru, we have always had the core belief of being as good to oneself (and the earth) as possible, but as we grow, we have always wanted to do more. With this desire, we decided to open Bloom Plant Based kitchen.

Not only is eating a more plant-based diet healthier and more forgiving to one’s body, but it is significantly better for the environment. However, with healthy plant-based options not being the popular choice, we know we have stiff competition.

Therefore, our intention with Bloom is to focus on bringing flavorful, healthy, and affordable plant-based food to families while also being desirable and appealing to everyone regardless of their diet. This way we can all do our part by being better to the planet and being healthier.

The Green Initiative

Eating plant-based has been shown to decrease water usage and pollution. It also has significant impacts on climate control. However, we don’t want to stop there: Our goal is to lessen our environmental impact as much as possible. 

At Bloom, we are committed to helping pioneer the inclusion of sustainable practices in the restaurant industry. We wish to continuously challenge ourselves by incorporating eco-friendly solutions into our dining experiences. We grow our microgreens in-house and use only clean energy through Phoenix energy. 

In addition to providing an entirely plant-based menu, we partner with many organizations to help lead a greener initiative. Such organizations include ORCA, a bio-digester to compost food waste, and Green Grease for recycling our oil. 

We even want to further our green initiative and are currently working on installing a micro-turbine that will help us create our own electricity. Unfortunately, being good to the earth comes with a cost. The vast majority of these green solutions are much more expensive; they are not financially viable for businesses. Due to this, we have to spend more than our competitors to have a better tomorrow, but we need your help. That is why there is an environmental fee on your check. We want to encourage change in the industry and make it a standard for restaurants to think about their impact to our environment. Hopefully, with all of your help, we can start a movement to help encourage other businesses to make further strides to be greener and lead Chicago to be a much greener city. 

Learn more of our Partners


Phoenix Energy

Green Grease